Voice Command Interface v2.7.2


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I originally created this application to interact with World of Warcraft. I was having trouble completing the Guardian Druid mage tower challenge in the Burning Legion expansion. I was used to playing with the standard WOW interface, and a certain set of hotkeys tied to my keyboard and mouse. The Guardian Druid mage tower challenge required me to use more abilities then I could setup with my hotkeys. So ... in comes the Voice Command Interface. It gave me the opportunity to bark out voice commands tied to some of my less commonly used abilities.

After I completed the various mage tower challenge quests, I extended the application to work with most (hopefully) Windows based UI applications.

Ultimately, it would have been easier to install a different 3rd party UI interface or tools, but this was fun to play with.

I'll be adding more support info as time goes on.

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Note: This application is currently only available to friends and guild mates.