I added a new page for my collection of pics from the Star Trek Vegas 2016 convention.  I added commentary to most of the pics.

Here's the link.

So I thought I would clutter my site with more Trek bling.  I've added a few trailers for the next movie.

So ... This might be a tad bit inappropriate, but I've added a Sexy Trek page.

What can I say.  I love the sexy Trek cosplay pics.  

Thank you ladies :)

I was bored this evening and decided to revamp my meme generator a bit.  I reworked a couple of the controls and added new font family options.

Link to Meme Generator

I thought it would be cool to have my own meme generator on the site.  Plus it was a great excuse to play with the HTML5 canvas object.

Link to Meme Generator

I ended up getting a ticket for the 2016 convention in Vegas.  This will be my second, and probably my last Trek convention.  This convention will mark the 50th anniversary as well, so it should be huge.

Well extreme boredom has won out this weekend. I finally wrapped up my first version of Fanmap.

I've been pondering my next adventure in web development.  I've been considering a "Trek yo self" application.  I liked the Trekyourself site done by Cheez-it and Oddcast.  Oddcast has done some some cool stuff.

My application wont be as advanced as the one done by Oddcast, but I've been dieing for an excuse to play with HTML5 canvas and WebGL.

I added a Videos link to the Fark menu.  It's a collection of Star Trek videos from Youtube.  Enjoy :)


I love this one.  LMAO!

Well I decided to spruce up the site.  I'm not an artist, but I think the banner turned out well.

You can also collapse/expand a blog entry by clicking on it's title.

My first love will always be Star Trek, but I would kill for more seasons of FireFly. I absolutely loved the series, and the movie.

I decided to try one of the many monthly boxes Nerdblock.  They hooked me with an FB advertisement featuring a Firefly box.